The Beginning:

MaineStone Entertainment was nothing but a dream for CEO and Founder Adrian Williams, but with
the right strategy and business plan, this Music Entertainment Powerhouse soon became a reality.
Founded and Established in 2016, MaineStone Entertainment has quickly become a known name in the
Music Industry gaining and building connections with many Production Engineers, Studios, Graphics
Designers, Photographers, Distributers, Radio Stations and Promoters.

Why MaineStone Entertainment?

MaineStone Entertainment has one goal, to provide all the necessary services and support that an Artist
would require for their career. Whether you are an up-and-coming Artist or an established Artist,
MaineStone Entertainment is the perfect choice when searching for a Music Label. They provide all the
Financial and Management support needed to boost your career and maintain it. Through their
connections within the Music Industry, you would never have a reason to look further for any services or
support needed. When they say they offer the 360 deal, this means they offer all the services that you
would need for your career.

Services Offered by MaineStone Entertainment include:

  • Artist Management
  • Distribution
  • Song Creation and Production
  • Video Creation and Production
  • Events and Tours Management and Coordination
  • Promotions
  • Social Media Enhancement and Maintenance
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Logo and Brand Creation
  • Photography
  • Studio Sessions
  • Media
  • Public Relations Services
  • Graphics and Album Cover Designs
  • Artist Website Development
  • Publishing
  • Artist Immigration Services


With all of these Experienced and professional staff members on hand, you will never have to waste
valuable time building trust and connections with them, because the Management at MaineStone Entertainment already has. The Music Label has the ability and resources to offer full service to all of
their Artists and ensure 100% focus on that Artist and their career.

MaineStone International Powerhouse

MaineStone Entertainment may be a Canadian based Music Label but their connections internationally are widespread and unlimited. Featuring business relationships within Jamaica, USA, Guyana, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Dominican Republic, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Japan, to mention a few, their locations for Tours and Events are universal and they work hard and non-stop to set up the best, strategically planned Tours and Events, always having the Artists best interests in mind. Focused only on Artist Career Enhancement, MaineStone Entertainment’s Management Staff are mindful and generous when accepting Promotional contracts for their Artists regardless where in the world the contract will take them.


The beauty of having such a wide spread of business relationships in the Music Industry, is that a Music
Label doesn’t have to stick to one specific type of Genre. MaineStone Entertainment doesn’t distinguish
or turn away any genre of music. They focus on their Artists and the genres they specialize in.
MaineStone Entertainment has already touched down in the Dancehall, Reggae, Trap, Rhythm, Blues,
Soca, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and Dance genres and will continue to grow this list as new and established
Artists of all genres join the MaineStone Entertainment Powerhouse.

Music Label Vibes

One of the strongest things to remember when choosing a Music Label is to know you will be heard,
appreciated and that they will be working with you. At MaineStone Entertainment all the Staff are
dedicated to their Artists, We have a family vibe in the company while maintaining the highest level of
professionalism. The sole purpose of becoming an Artists Management Team is to have the Artist
development exceed the industry’s expectations of that Artist. We dedicate ample time and energy to
ensure the Artists music is heard worldwide. There are unlimited ideas for promoting each and every
song and we ensure that every possible outlet is utilized, to ensure maximum exposure for the Artist.